One Week To Go!

We are counting down the days and running around San Diego trying to think of last minute things to take on our 4-7 month excursion.

It cracks me up when Erik says we are running out of time before out trip since most of our mornings start with mimosas and lounging around the house.

One of our local surf shops was nice enough to give us some surf stickers (apparently kids in a lot of the countries we are visiting are obsessed with surf stickers) and some advice on what he thought was necessary to bring.  Extra leash?  Extra fins?  Shout out to South Coast Surf Shop in Pacific Beach for hooking us up and offering surf travel advice.  Some surf shops are too cool being awesome surf bros (ahem, Mitch’s La Jolla!  The guys at Mitch’s Solana Beach are way more helpful and cool) to actually help customers.

We bought some reserves of face sunscreen and wax.  Apparently wax is expensive in other countries, and if we take too much, we can always give it away.

Wax and sunscreen

What are some last minute items we should pick up for our Latin American Trip?  Are there some things we should leave behind and pick up on the road?

Uh oh, Erik is busting out the Maker’s and Ginger and string cheese.  Apparently 12:10pm is not too early.  Hey, it’s Sunday.