Last Minute Prep

The clock is ticking.  Luckily, both of us are awesome procrastinators so we get more done the less time we have.

Did I mention it was 34 degrees AND the surf was flat yesterday in San Diego?  I wore a beanie and gloves and a puffer coat.  Yikes.  The forecast for mainland Mexico where we will be this time next week:

  • air temp: 80 degrees
  • water temp 83 degrees
  • surf: head high to overhead

We are brushing up on our Spanish skills.  If you fall asleep watching the Spanish channel, you can pick it up pretty easily, right?  Here are a few travel phrases to remember:

  • ¿Dónde está el baño? – Where is the bathroom?
  • Cerveza – beer
  • Lo siento mucho, soy gringo. – I am very sorry, I’m a gringo (**Until I read this one on a travel site, I didn’t realize it was necessary to apologize for being a gringo.)

Minus a couple of smaller items and a yellow fever vaccination, we are pretty much ready to rock.  We are in the process of booking a budget hotel for the first few days we are there.  I’m sure it will be a little bit like this:

1 2 3


Thanks to online reviews hopefully we will avoid most nightmare hotels and accommodations.

I’m curious to actually pack our bags and see what we end up taking.   We recently got the suggestion from another traveling couple to bring toilet paper and bug spray.  Those are must haves for Latin America!

What were some of your last minute travel purchases? Were they worth it or not?  What did you leave behind that you wish you hadn’t?