Casualties of Flying

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So now we have been in Mexico for a full day.  We spent most of today wandering around Zihautanejo looking for a surf shop so we buy some Solarez (it’s a lazy, crappy way to do ding repair).  Since my board got a minor ding on the rail from air travel (I’m sure you’ve seen the way the airlines throw bags around), we have to do some kind of repair before she is seaworthy.

Ding 1Ding 2

I figure if my board makes it through most of this trip, that will be awesome.  I may end up selling it or giving it to a local kid at the end of the trip.

So maybe we should have packed some Solarez, but the good news is we got to explore the town and talk to locals in Spanish (or at least attempt to talk to some locals in Spanish).  One of the things we love about traveling is seeing real life, not just resorts and tourist areas.

Cheap cervezas on a beautiful playa.

Cheap cervezas on a beautiful playa.

Bus 2

side note:  several of the local busses have a huge “Ed Hardy” logo on the side.  Amazing.

Stay tuned for details of our first long distance bus ride in Mexico.