No One Cares About the Super Bowl (except Americans)

We had the whole hotel bar to ourselves for the big game

We aren’t huge sports fans, but being in Mexico we thought it would be fun to watch the Super Bowl last night.  The Australian owner of the hotel turned the satellite TV on to the Super Bowl for us.  We missed the coin toss and the first few minutes because it was on the wrong channel, but we got that remedied in time to see most of the action.

Since it was on ESPN Vivo we missed the American commercials.  Dang!  There were some pretty interesting Mexican opera and soccer commercials though.

As we suspected, we were the only Americans around and seemingly the only people in the hotel even remotely interested in the Super Bowl.  By the end of the game, there were several other guests watching the last few minutes.  We even met an awesome guy named Alan from Mexico City who was also on the Coachella Cruise in December.  It’s great to meet other music fanatics on the road.  He gave us some inside info on ruins to check out since the waves are small right now.  Soon we will be leaving the beach for the mountains to explore.