Chacahua National Park

A few days after we arrived in Puerto Escondido, we had to find a 2 day side trip since our hotel was fully booked for the weekend (we planned as we went so we didn’t have reservations much in advance).  We wanted to spend a little more time checking out the Mexican Pipeline and sharing travel stories with the other young surfers/travelers staying at Aqua Luna.

A random French surfer that everyone referred to as “Frenchie”  told us about a magical place called Chacahua.  (More on Frenchie later.)  You have to take a taxi to the bus to the collectivo to a collectivo boat.  It’s no easy ride, but it was worth it.

Side note:  this crazy uncomfortable trip is worth it, but Erik braved the trip with broken ribs!  Yikes.  We didn’t know they were broken yet.  Yep, he’s that hardcore.

Sunset Boats 1

A Chacahua sunset

fresh fish every night

Fresh fish every day

chacahua sunset

This is probably the most beautiful, remote place we visited in Mexico


At night the local headed to the beach to play volleyball


Penny & Erik on a Hammock

We stayed in an awesome shack with an ocean view and 2 hammocks.

ladder Chacahua

The ladder to get up to the room was a little sketchy.

Peaceful Chacahua


Marta made us delicious food and kept the beer cold!

Chacahua Fisherman

Just another day at work


We saw the most beautiful birds on the boat ride back from Chacahua



Sunset Soccer


All photos are courtesy of Erik.