First City Festival

Last weekend we trekked to the First City Festival in Monterrey, CA.  The Lineup was pretty awesome:

First City Festival Lineup

Luckily, we treated ourselves to VIP tickets so we didn’t have to throw elbows to get a spot or wait in long beer lines.


Capital Cities Dance Party:  The best show of the weekend!!

Passion Pit

A Creepy Jack Sparrow Look-a-Like doing magic tricks

Unlimited Carnie Rides.

I think I'm gonna barf

I think I’m gonna barf



Epic Fails:

Modest Mouse:  They headlined the main stage on Sunday night and the sound was heinous.  I don’t know if they were just really wasted or if the sound engineer was taking a disco nap, but either way, their show was a total letdown.

Neko Case: I wanted to like her, but she played just before modest mouse.  Erik literally laid down and slept through the performance.  Slow and boring.

The venue didn’t have VIP bathrooms or a VIP food area…c’mon people.  Get it together.

Did I mention, drinking and swinging aren’t a good combination?  (**Pay careful attention to the last 6 seconds:)

Then we rode the pirate ship.

Maybe wearing dress wasn't the best idea

Maybe wearing dress wasn’t the best idea

I thought a fun house would be a more fun than this…

Then I ran into these nice Furries and they invited me to a speical party so I  fed them some of my funnel cake.  Mmmmmmm.

Eating with Furries

Overall it was a great time…we highly recommend catching Capital Cities live immediately!