For the Love Of Craigslist

I know you’ve probably all heard of craigslist.  If you haven’t you probably don’t own a computer and therefore are not reading this, but I digress.

Anyhoo, craigslist got a bad rap due to the craigslist killer and the personals, etc but I am a huge fan for several reasons:

  1. I have made tons of money selling crap on craigslist that I would have normally donated or left on the curb.  My craigslist money has paid for several surf trips.
  2. One of my current favorite bands, Capital Cities, met on craigslist…Amazing!  Read about our first time seeing them Here
  3. When I was bored to tears at an office job, perusing craigslist kept me entertained.

Most recently, we had the most amazing craigslist encounter ever.  After having a very eventful rummage sale, we raised enough money to buy a new board.

After searching craiglist, I found the perfect board to add to my quiver, an 8’0 beautiful epoxy Yater board.  (This is when Erik calls me a longboard Larry and I call him a dick dragger.)

This chick bought it years ago, and only rode it a handful of times.  It’s has been sitting in her garage ever since.  The day after the garage sale, we arranged to go see the board.  The girl wasn’t home, but her boyfriend Josh was there to show us the Yater.

home brew

We hit it off right away.  He was working on his classic car and brought us to the backyard where we noticed his home brew set up.  He brought the board out and offered us some of his homemade beer.  We tasted a belgian, an IPA and a Mexican Mocha stout.  They were all pretty tasty.

I counted out the money we made at our rummage sale in mostly small bills.  I assured him I’m not a stripper or drug dealer which he said he didn’t care either way.

We got the board with soft racks, a leash and fins for only $35 more than we made at the sale.  And he through in a bottle of Brazilian rum as a bonus.  Read about our awesome rummage sale here.

So while praying for surf and prepping for our next warm water surf adventure, I’ll surf the SD waves whenever I can on this 8’0 epoxy.  I know some people frown on epoxy, but I’m a fan.  You should see my fish after the airlines got a hold of it.  Sheesh!

This beauty will take it's maiden voyage tomorrow while my fish is being repaired

This beauty will take it’s maiden voyage tomorrow while my fish is being repaired