Day 1 Life Is Beautiful Festival

Here we are in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful Festival.  We are huge music fans and when we are not traveling internationally, we follow our favorite bands around the United States.

The festival features Music, Food, Art, & Learning

Read more about Life Is Beautiful.

Originally Erik bought the tickets over the summer to see Beck (someone I’ve wanted to see since I was in elementary school).  So far we are both impressed.  We’ve been to tons of festivals and this is by far the best one (and day 2 hasn’t even started yet).

There is plenty of real estate for the thousands of festival goers.  The set up and security are doing an excellent job.

You never know what awesome street performers you may see.  **It’s always good to tip when you stop to watch a street performer.  This is how they make a living, folks.

The first band we saw was The Knocked Up Kids.  The band resides in LA and they are full of energy.  I love that they have a really cool female member.  I noticed quite a few groups with a token awesome female. (Yay women that rock!)

Between the DJ, saxophone player and energy of the rest of the group, the Knocked Up Kids put on an awesome show/dance party. (My friends know I live for a good dance party.)

They gave shout outs to a few people celebrating birthdays including the saxophone player, Shane.  When I looked at him I realized I went to college with him.  Not only did we attend Pepperdine together, but we also studied in Italy together in the summer of 2003. (This is when I hold hands with my neighbor and start singing, “It’s a small world after all.”)

We caught the tail end of SoCal band Cayucas.  This band embodies mellow surf music.

Alabama Shakes played the Downtown (largest stage).  When a woman walked out and started singing I was both shocked and impressed. This woman has soul!  And the bassist just stood there and played his bass Jerry Garcia style barely moving putting all of his energy into the music.

Capital Cities was once again, the highlight of the Festival so far (read about our first time seeing them at the First City Festival in Monterey here.).

They have a tradition at the end where you take off a piece of clothing and twirl it around for the last song/dance party.  Well, since they played at 5:55 in the head of Las Vegas I didn’t have any extra clothing.  I was “forced” to take my shirt off and twirl it around.

*Side note, I wear less clothes biking around PB and this is Las Vegas so I embraced with moment and Californians are all wild heathens anyway.  (Sorry,mom and dad, but you know me by now, right?)

The girl behind me followed suit and also took her shirt off.  I like to think I’m a leader.  Also, Capital Cities gave a shout out to the girls in the back dancing in their bras and Erik claims the lead singer pointed at me.  I was too busy dancing, but I’ll go ahead and think he did give me a personal shout out.

Beck seemed like a drunken shit show so I wasn’t impressed with his highly anticipated performance.  He even forgot some of his own lyrics and was stumbling around.  Nice.

Since we were not stoked on Beck, we went to check out a local band called Rusty Maples on the Homegrown stage.  I loved their performance.  They also had a token lady musician who rocked in on the cello.

Well, this morning I feel like my legs are broken from dancing all day yesterday.  BRING ON DAY 2!