About Us

We are a bodyboarder and surfer from San Diego trekking from Mainland Mexico to Argentina for 4-7 months.  Our itinerary is open, with a focus surfing and exploring ruins. We just got back from the first ever S.S Coachella cruise to Jamaica in December.

Erik Iron MountainErik is a science student at SDSU and UCLA alumnus.  His favorite adventures include exploring Buddhist temples along the silk road and traveling through Thailand.  He has a love of dive bars, live music (he almost dropped out of high school to follow the Grateful Dead and Phish), photography (has been trying to learn to work his camera since 2010), bodyboarding, snowboarding, hiking (seeing a common theme here?), running, biking, Maker’s Mark, and his awesome girlfriend.

Penny Lane is a writer and world traveler.  She loves music, concerts, being socially Penny Sand Duneunacceptable, writing, reading, surfing, prank calling her ma, and traveling.  She is known to take her pants off in public after a few drinks (Erik doesn’t seem to mind).  Other than that she has an unhealthy obsession with Reese’s peanut butter cups, thinks Bananagrams is the best game ever, and still quotes Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh!

Hey, what’s better than traveling the world with someone you love?